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If you look carefully in the photo above You may spot that the piece of amber has a leaf or an insect, that was trapped in it long ago.

It seems to me that trauma is like this piece of amber, that it is possible to become 'stuck', in old energetic patterns and events which may have occurred recently or many years in the past. Try as we might, however much we may have an understanding of the situation, unless we release it energetically we remain bogged down.


The Golden Light Visualisation is the Jewel and the most effective tool in my crown both for pain relief and for energetic release from a situation (past or present) that does not serve and may be holding a person back from achieving their full potential.


The technique used in The Golden Light Visualisation was developed by myself, (with guidance from Spirit) 14 years ago when I first started as an Energy Healer. It is now a tried and tested part of my practice, with clients reporting to me that it has helped them considerably. 


To put it simply, it helps to energetically dissolve the 'amber', and bring about immediate release.


In the session guided visualisation and psychic healing are used to release You from a situation in which you have become 'stuck', to clear You of any negative energy and to give healing that will bring realignment. Each session is created and adapted for You and unique to You.


The process of the actual visualisation will usually last between 15 to 25 minutes. I have allowed 45 minutes for each session so that there is time for the energy to settle at the end. And for some time to have an add-on. Perhaps a three-card Tarot Reading. A Channelled Angel Reading, or instruction in managing energy.


The Golden Light Visualisation works well via Zoom. Or equally, if You are in London then You are welcome to attend my session room on St Martins Lane WC2H 0DH.  When working by Zoom please bring a notepad and pen, a crystal, tissues and water with you to the call and make sure that You can sit with Your feet on the floor. 


Once I receive your booking I will be back in touch my email to make an appointment.


Golden Light Visualisation for Healing and/or Energy Release.

  • Please allow between 30 mins to 45 minutes for each session.

    It is best not to plan anything too strenuous after the session and to avoid alcohol. 


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