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Celestial Bell- Angel Blog-Listening to dreams and ‘to do’ list July 18th 2010

I haven’t been blogging for a while but this morning I had a physic experience that helped me to remove my doubts in relation to the validity of my channeling – this is what happened (As told to my friends via email):

“Dear Everyone

At the moment, because of the change in government and my drop in work I have been chewing things over and wondering which way to go next.

I had an amazing experience that I would like to share

Last night I dreamt that I was sitting with Kim

She had a large glass but brightly coloured duke box in front of her- it was filled with loads of different songs:

Kim pointed to one and said ‘ you could play that one’ e.g – a different tune.

In the dream I then admired the Duke Box.

Kim told me that she brought it from Funky monkey- on the internet. (By the way it wasn’t cheap- cost £960)

So this morning I looked up funky

Follow the link to see what I found:

This was my first hit.

I am amazed by this:

with much love to you all my dear friends”

This is the to do list for today:

Focus upon your work and act to assist the presence of joy in the world.

Have gratitude for all that is, blessings and shadows, for lessons abound and growth is occurring.

Mitigate against and clear negativity where you find it

Pace yourself well and act according to your word.

Do not have doubt that you are loved.

In terms of sensuality admire the beauty of the craft of others and affirm their talents.

Act to restrain your own neediness

Spend the day operating from a state of love and grace.

Assist others when they are in pain by listening well, acknowledging their feelings and not calling attention to your self.

With love to everyone.

NB: I have registered a new website…….it will go live soon, offering individual angel readings and other things, so watch this space!

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