For tears and for blessings: thank you;thank you;thank you.

  1. For cards containing appreciation and love: deepest gratitude: Thank You;Thank You;Thank You

  2. For kinesiology by Karen Evans (always life changing) thank you; thank you;thank you

  3. For clocks that go back; and for sunlight: Thank you;thank you; thank you

  4. For the Patterdale whose name is Flo; whose span of freedom on the beach grows ever wider (lovely to observe);thank you;thank you;thank you .

  5. For love:thank you;thank you;thank you

  6. for energy in the form of kindness; for resource and for money:thank You:thank You;Thank You

  7. For primroses that are scented and contain a miniature star in every blossom: thank you;thank you;thank you

  8. For opportunity to participate; for faith and for work:thank You;thank You;thank You.

  9. For chances to give, and for chances to receive: thank you;thank you;thank you

  10. For the sight of swans flying overhead; for the third day running: a miracle of grace: thank you;thank you;thank you.

And here is an angel blessing for the day ” Truly you access the divine. Deep is your strength and deep your riches. Do not be afraid, You are enough. There is enough. You have enough. Know that you are blessed.”

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