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To Do List 4th of December

Now that you have noticed the difference that having faith makes between those of your friends with faith and those without you must continue to work to raise and clear your vibration.

Judgements and imposition of your will, the insistence that its the world according to you rather than that things just are have in the past caused you to walk in a mist of fear, panic and confusion.

Accessing divine grace will enable you to have clarity but it is important that your words are weighed by action and that you take more care to ensure that you keep your promises.

Today: finish bid for allotments, tidy your bedroom and help your son to tidy his room. Take back the mouldy chicken to the supermarket. Walk the dog/  In the future buy food from small scale producers that you can trust when ever possible. Inform Pollie that you are able to honour your commitment. Send a present to your mother and speak with Helen about your next project.    This is enough. Go well. Enjoy.

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