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13/28 Feeling V’clempt: Deeper Gratitude:

😇 This is an interesting process; nearly half way through this 28 day span I find myself noticing everything and feeling gratitude so deeply that it is hard to articulate it. The nearest word that I have is V’clempt which is yiddish to describe feeling choked up. So for depth of feeling: Thank You: Thank You: Thank you.

😇 A friend went to the trouble of cooking an early Christmas lunch yesterday. Most dear of her: For friends who nourish: Thank You; thank You: Thank You.

🌺 Once again I saw a rainbow for the merest of seconds. Rainbows remind me of Angels: They are both here and not here if you understand my meaning? For quick flashes of joy: Thank You Thank You: Thank You.

🎄Still there is busy-ness and preoccupation on the faces of people in the street. I like to see this : it is interesting and amuses me: For festivals: Thank You: Thank You;Thank You.

❤️For love: Thank you: Thank You: Thank you.

🍂I saw Karen Evans for creative kinesiology: This is an astonishing process and Karen is very skilled. I seemed to travel far in an hour. For rapid growth: Thank You:Thank you: Thank you.

🌠 My friend and I looked at the stars. She told me some of the names and I was transported back 50 years to my father; who also knows the names of the stars. It was good for me to be able to access a positive memory in relation to my dad & for this I have gratitude: Thank You: Thank You: Thank you.

😇 Because I had traveled back home from Watkins through the night; this was a blurry day for me; I like the softness of tired & blurry days: Thank You:Thank You: Thank You.

😇 Thank You Thank You: Thank You; For a small dog who was so pleased to see me that she leapt from the floor.

😇 I had a long chat with my elder son Josh today. That was a blessing for which I have a deep Thank You: Thank You: Thank You.

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