14/28 I am over the moon 🌝because I have an article in Kindred Spirit:

🌝 I am over the moon to have an article published in the latest edition of Kindred Spirit: Not only that but I am also mentioned on the front page. So for recognition & inclusion: Thank You:Thank You: thank You.

😇 Aged 57 I find myself to be the happiest I have known since I was a very small child. I feel as if I am smiling within: It is wonderful: Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

❄️Flo (dog) and I walked on the beach today. We found another dog for Flo to play with. She did this with great grace. Really she is a well mannered dog. Thank You: Thank You: Thank You.

🌺I am writing another article for Kindred Spirit: This time on Angels. Of course the deadline approaches. Obviously I haven’t started the article! But I am having days in which to think about angels. Thank You: Thank You: Thank You.

🌠 I gave my youngest son his chanukah present. Naturally it was not quite right (matter of principle), but still I enjoyed giving it. I have the receipt (at the point of purchase everything was in hand for an exchange). And looking at the website he liked the shop (Gandy’s). Victory! For small triumphs; Thank You: Thank You; Thank You.

😇 For love: Thank You: Thank You; Thank You.

🌺 I spoke with a funding officer about a grant application that I am helping with. I enjoyed revisiting my old life; felt that I could just slip back in. Thank You: Thank You; Thank You.

❤️ I continue to read Ann Patchett Star of Wonder. Ann Pratchett writes so beautifully that her skill takes my breath away. Thank You: Thank You: Thank You.

😇 Today the wind is gusty & loud. Hearing it makes me feel free; Thank You: Thank You; Thank You.

😇 On the note of freedom, miracles & abundance. We lit the chanukah candles this evening; on this the third night. I love celebrating chanukah; it does not fail to touch me. Thank You: Thank You: Thank You.

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