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18/28 : For being rescued: Thank You;Thank you:Thank You🌺

🌺 On  my way to London yesterday (Tuesday) the clutch failed on the car. I was on Holden Hill just outside of Exeter which is not the best place to break down. Luckily I got assisted in my predicament. The Police (three police men , one police woman plus x 2 patrol cars) closed down the motorway ; the car and I were retrieved  and towed  to a nearby service station.  Then I got picked up by an RAC Man and shlepped back to my garage in Totnes. The Garage kindly  brought me home.  Grounded for the day I finally completed the article on connecting with angels that needed to be submitted today (19th), a deadline I was in danger of missing because  I had been  procrastinating.  😇Make of this story that which you will. Thank You.Thank You:Thank You!

🌺For being looked after & kept safe: Thank You;Thank You: Thank You.

😍 For my family & friends who heard about my predicament, helped me, held , comforted me & laughed at me: Thank you; Thank You;Thank You.

😇 For all the drama in the whole episode: a wry : Thank You; Thank You: Thank You.

🌺For the opportunity to explain to a Policeman who asked me about my work that I am an Angel Channeller and Healer; Thank You; Thank You: Thank You.

🌺 For that same policeman who did not laugh at me (well one small quick grin) & then discussed empathy with me; Thank You: Thank You;Thank You.

😇 For chocolate: Thank You: Thank you: Thank You.

🌠For love: Thank You: Thank You;Thank You.

🌺 For yesterdays skies which were so beautiful: Thank You: Thank You:Thank You.

🍂 For the opportunity to recount adventures and tell stories: Thank You;Thank You;Thank You.

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