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25/28; For a day of work in Watkins; Thank You; Thank You; Thank You

  1. For a moment or two I wondered if I should go back into the mainstream world & if in my work I was merely dealing in dreams; but today three people came to the table in Watkins; each of whom were kind enough to restore my faith in myself; through the work. I love my work so therefore have much gratitude for these interventions; Thank you; Thank You. Thank You.

  2. My home near to Totnes is surrounded by stillness which I love; I also love the business of London. For being able to work in London; Thank you; Thank you; Thank you.

  3. Whilst I was away my son Josh ‘What’s Ap’ed’ me with exciting news; Exciting news breaks monotony & brings me closer to heaven because; its well…..exciting; So  thank you; thank you; thank you for good news.

  4. I have gratitude for the density & complexity of being alive; it helps me to feel grounded; Thank you; thank you; thank you.

  5. For mobility & resource; Thank you; Thank you; Thank you.

  6. Thanks to a good and conscientious  bookkeeper; Karen, my tax return has been ready to file since April. For some reason I felt it best to hold off filing it until 10.30 this evening when the deadline was midnight today! I have no idea why it took me so long! Thank you Thank you; Thank you; for deadlines which encourage me to act (eventually!).

  7. I spoke with a dear friend for x 2 seconds before the line was cut off. 2 seconds is better than no seconds (well so I keep telling myself); Thank you; Thank you; Thank you for x 2 seconds of communication.

  8. When I work from Watkins I am surrounded by thousands and thousands of books; It is almost overwhelming & feels that they dance around me; Thank you; thank you; thank you, for wisdom contained in books.

  9. When I look back at the pace of the day & the small interactions contained within it, it makes me smile. Thank you; thank you; thank you, for lovely joyous days.

  10. In these times which seem to take us to the edge; for every night I sleep safely in a bed; and am able to go about my day freely; heartfelt gratitude; Thank you; thank you; thank you.

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