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26/28 Near to the end of the 28 days practice! Phew!


  1. Here is an avocado plant grown from a seed. It is most elegant: thank you; thank you; thank you for avocado plants in water.

  2. As the practice reaches its end I notice that my happiness is greater & I am more grounded. Thank you; Thank you; Thank you.

  3. Josh cooked a splendid vegan supper; it involved 3 aubergines & a can of coconut milk and many different herbs. Thank you Thank You Thank You for the variety of foods that we can access.

  4. I left London early & came home on an instinct. My instinct was correct. I was needed here. Thank You; Thank You; Thank You for accurate intuition.

  5. I was asked for an authors photo to accompany an article in Cygnus that will be out in around 5 days. Exciting. Thank You Thank You; Thank You for recognition.

  6. Today I had greater insight & understanding of the nature of our world. Thank You; Thank You; Thank You for knowlege.

  7. Josh has introduced me to the TV series ‘crazy ex girlfriend’, I am hooked! Thank You Thank You Thank You for series on the TV that you can watched one after the other! Its astonishing.

  8. When I came back the house was serene. Once I would have classified that as boring. Now (after the gratitude practise) I feel serene. Thank you;Thank You; Thank you for calmness.

  9. My diary is full of work for tomorrow. This is good. Thank You; Thank You; Thank You for the grace of my days.

  10. Outside a storm is beginning to brew; Thank You; Thank You; Thank You for storms that cleanse.

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