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3/28 : The Day of the supermoon 🌝 Change is in the air:

🌠 For the emptiness and opportunity of the week ahead: thank You: Thank you; Thank you.

🌞 For a full super moon with the healing that this brings: thank You: Thank You: Thank You.

🌺 For linen sheets; Thank You: Thank You: Thank You.

🌷 For love: thank you; Thank you: thank You.

😇 For kindness: Thank You; Thank You; Thank You.

❄️ For sharp brisk weather and the laciness of bare trees: thank You: Thank You; Thank You.

🎆 For my work: thank you: thank you; Thank you.

🍂 Another vote of gratitude for Totnes recycling centre. I love visitingthere. Not only do I personally enter into a childs story book (it reminds me of BOB the builder) but peoples faces as they offload their unwanted items are most amusing. Thank You: thank You; Thank You.

🌷 For a dog that runs miles (even if in the opposite direction that you wish her to go); Thank You; Thank You; Thank You.

😇 For an Angel to talk to: Thank You; Thank You; Thank You.

And here is an angel reading for the day

Enjoy the intensity of these times; the vibration shifts. The great turning arrives. Be strong & know that you are blessed”.

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