30/100 : For the Perfect Rainbow: Thank You:Thank You:Thank You.

🌈 Travelling to see an elderly relative in hospital today the sight of the perfect rainbow helped me to have courage; Thank You;Thank You;Thank you.

🌈 For Money as it flows towards me as I receive and away from me as I give (with joy) and then back again: Thank You;Thank You:Thank You.

🌈 For the RAC man who temporarily repaired the puncture on the flat tyre; so that I could drive it to be repaired: Thank You;Thank You;Thank You.

🌈 For the fact that the tyre could be repaired and that I did not need a new one:THANK YOU:THANK YOU:THANK YOU

❤️ For Love:Thank You:Thank You:Thank You.

🌺 For safe passage to the hospital in London: Thank you;Thank You;Thank You.

🌺 For the fact that Helen (whom we were visiting) had rallied: Thank You;Thank You;Thank You.

🌺 For dinner with my ex-husband & sons: It was good to be reunited as a family again even briefly: Thank You:Thank You;Thank You.

🌺 For Jo Malone hand cream: a present from a friend: Thank You:Thank You;Thank You.

🌺 For insights, for friends, for being welcomed & for being received: Thank You;Thank You;Thank You.

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