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34/100 Its all in the air! For Rainbows & A Radio Show: Thank You:Thank You;Thank You

🌈 For the sight of a beautiful Rainbow today in the village where I live: Thank You;Thank You;Thank you.

🐚 Tomorrow is the debut of my new weekly radio show “Angel Talk”:All being well I will be on air between 6-7 our time; 10am Pacific Time.(Click on the link below). It was good to see the rainbow above: It represents the mixture of excitement (sunshine) & trepidation (rain) which I am feeling! For Opportunity : Thank You:Thank You;Thank You.

🎆 ❤️For love: Thank You:Thank You;Thank You.

💸 For money as it comes towards me as I receive and away from me as I give & then back again: Thank You;Thank You;Thank you.

❄️ Much gratitude today for being inside whilst the rain poured down; Thank You;Thank You;Thank You.

😍 For friendship, support & connection: Thank You;Thank You;Thank You.

❤️ I had sight of a major family dysfunction today. It had been in the shadow and had not being serving me nor anyone in my family; Bringing it to the light has I hope dispelled it. For insight and healing:Thank You;Thank You;Thank You.

🌠 Flo & I walked out under the stars this evening; For starlight: Thank You;Thank You;Thank You.

🌊 For kindness; for opportunities to receive and for opportunities to give:Thank You;Thank You;Thank You.

🌿 For the sum of the day with its perfection: Thank You;Thank You;Thank You.

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