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8/28 Gratitude Diary

😇 For indications that there are angels about: Thank you :Thank You;Thank You

😇 For redemption: Thank You;Thank You;Thank You

😇For an invitation to a party where there was a G & T as well as decent people: Thank You: Thank You:Thank You

🌺For a dog who tolerated a bath with good grace: Thank You; Thank You:Thank You,

🌺For journeys &  arrivals that seem to be synchronised somehow: Thank You: Thank You: Thank You.

🌺For love: Thank You:Thank You: Thank You

🐚For being able to experience life in greater depth: Thank You:Thank You:Thank You

❄️ For the first flurry of snow: Thank You:Thank You:Thank You

❄️ For kindness:Thank You:Thank You:Thank You

🍂 Today the editor of Cygnus told me that The Gift of An Angel is his second best seller. Wow xThank You:Thank You:Thank You

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