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A few small miracles & some stardust…

We moved to a different house; strangely and unexpectedly within 3 miles of the tree with the signpost pictured in the last blog.   How it happened is another story. But it feels divinely guided; I am glad.

Along with the house move came the opportunity for an allotment; well half an allotment. This was something that I have not ever contemplated before. I have always been poised and ready for the next adventure ; the next move.  Allotments do not meet this criteria. But the word ‘allotment’ kept playing on my mind; it means a piece of land; but maybe it signifies something more? After all we each have our own a-lotment; the span of lifetime; that’s what we are all given; a piece of time on earth. Perhaps I  had spent so much time rushing around trying to grab time I had circumvented it instead? Certainly it often feels that time slips through my fingers.

I applied for the half allotment. Perhaps to encourage me the one that I was offered came with some flowers.  Michaelmas daisies; You can see them in the photo above.  Called Michaelmas Daisies  because they bloom around the 29th of September;  which is St Michaelmas. The day of the Angel of our Age; Archangel St Michael. Marvellously and amusingly just in case I was being dense or doubting there was also an actual physical Arch on this small plot of land. The doorway to another dimension perhaps? And a water tap. Really it has everything!

The symbolism and perfection of this latest adventure went deeper. I found out that Michaelmas daisies are a type of aster. Asters are named because they resemble stars; —the name comes from the same root word as astrology and asteroid, asterisk and disaster–and in England, they are sometimes called starwort (wort simply means herb or plant with healing properties). Several legends are told about their origins. It is said that Virgo scattered stardust on earth and they became asters. Another attributes their origin to the goddess Astraea (often associated with the constellation Virgo) who withdrew from earth out of sorrow and looking down wept. Her tears became asters. These stories astounded me.  Nearly everyday I guide a client through a mediation that states “remember that you are a miracle; You contain stardust and have every right to shine”. I found out that the Michaelmas Daisy symbolises farewell or departure.

So what did all this mean? I asked my own personal angel CB to give some insight: here is her reply; ” You move beyond integration to consolidation. It is a good time. Your capacity to manifest is high. Observe the shift. Maintain compassion for others whilst nourishing your own base”.

Pragmatic advice that brought me back down to earth. I had better start digging then! Wishing You; Dear Reader; a scattering of stardust in the wonder of your day.

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