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A leap of faith, green parakeets and synchronicity:

I don’t know if you have ever read the story of the man who was looking for G-d? From what I remember He searched the world, and finally he reached a Hut. He was told, “G-d is in that hut”. But he didn’t go in. He just shook his head and went away again without looking”.

I have been a bit like that man. Two months ago I was guided to go and work in South End Green. London. NW3. And since that time I have been skirting around South End Green deeply afraid of looking for work, or even asking.  After all so much change. How would it be if I had got every thing wrong after-all?    All this was made worse because I was given a specific place to go. And in my judgment I was not going to be received in that place.  So for the last weeks I have been almost playing, going here and going there. Everywhere in fact except looking to set up a practice in South End Green.

Yesterday finally I plucked up courage and went in to the place that I had been directed too.   I started by asking for an appointment- I wanted to ask the shop to stock Touchfire candles- I was told ‘No need for an appointment: Go and bring them now”. And so I did. I went and collected them and went back only to be met by a reception committee of women waiting to see the Ayuveydic Doctor who practices from there. As I unpacked the candles the women brought them. Not only that they seemed to recognise me as a healer and there was that lovely flash of luminosity that comes when the earth seems to split open and the divine seems to be present. And one of the women (by coincidence/ synchronicity another red headed Jewish woman and like me a healer) immediately mentioned angels and reminded me of the story of Tobias and Raphael- versions of which you may find at one of the following links”



There are other versions of this story that I like better but these two give the gist.   As mentioned it is a story concerning Raphael the angel of healing.   Here he walks along side Tobias as his friend. He offers him advice, but Tobias needed to listen and take action, he was assisted but not passively saved.   I think that it was a good story for me to be reminded of. I was grateful for the timely and needed sale of the candles. I offered that should they be stocked then I would promote them. I am still negotiating this- and will update you when I have finally taken enough action to earth my initial vision and it is materialised. Also the story of Tobias is complex and a journey: It is a story that has offered me comfort in these times and I hope that it does this for you too. I  also took the message that sometimes it is the, most loving action to walk along side friends, wait for them when they are processing and desist from acting on their behalf………………………..ouch!        It uplifted me that Tobias had to travel away from his family- as I am away from mine at the moment and missing everyone- but Tobias was reunited and so will I be. It’s just that when in it (the absence), its hard to remember.

Furthermore ‘my’ angel was sweet enough to consolidate the message. Later that evening I was urged ‘go to the Heath’. Why? ‘Go to the Heath’ – So I went back to Hampstead and although late – climbed to a favorite spot on the Heath and along came the Green Parakeets, swooping and tumbling about over my head. Joyously having a lot of fun (I think!).     I always have to look twice at these birds, as they are so unexpected that I think that I am imagining them. A bit like my reaction and relationship to angels! They (angels and parakeets) teach me to trust in and believe my perception.  I am going back this evening and will try to take a photo: watch this space!

Here is an angel reading given to me for today- if you like it then you are welcome to share it too:

“Be assured that you are not journeying alone. There is support for each step. Do not doubt your vision or your judgment. Do not forget to exercise gratitude for your journey. All is well and all will be well”.

I hope that you are enjoying this beautiful day. With love Wendy.x

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