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A lost (and then found) sense of direction


I love the way that this tree seems to hold the wind in its branches; so that it is not only a tree; but also an element; embodying its environment; literally holding the wind within it.

The signpost underneath  made me think of how; aged 56 years; I can still sometimes allow my environment; the sum of my experience to hold me static, when really there is no need to be other than free.  And no need to move other than in the direction that I wish to go.

The great challenge of having my book ‘The Gift of An Angel’ in print has been around visibility.  I have been nerve racked at being exposed. But why? Only because past experiences that happened 50 years ago left me feeling as static as the tree pictured above.

The solution has been to release and reframe; to look at the whole picture again and see myself as strong rather than static; able to withhold and embrace my environment; the sum of my experiences and to have gratitude for the positive reviews that my book  is receiving “I love this book and feel it is a must read for anyone of spirituality. Angels are an amazing energy to experience. Having the author help guide you through a first attempt at contact is beyond helpful. She also gave a practical pantheon of Angels for you to continue your work with.. The angels then channel thru the author to us. I was enthralled with her personal stories. What she shared was beyond personal and emotionally uplifting. I can’t wait to show this book off to friends I know who are having personal difficulty.. I’m hoping this book will give them the emotional boost that it gave me”. Jul 19, 2016: Mary Ebert | NetGalley: Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

This is my personal Angel CB’s comment:

“Humans hold within them the capacity for great strength & great healing. Have courage; you are always assisted. Do not ever feel that you are too wounded to shine. Make repair and move forward”.

Sending you love for your day, wishing you courage, faith and strength to achieve your dreams;

Wendy. x

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