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A Miracle happened to me.

Recently I was urged (by my inner voice)  ‘Go to London, Go to London”

So I did.

I went into Watkin’s Bookshop near Leicester Square to ask if they needed an Angel Reader.

By ‘coincidence’, they said that they might;

And a week later called and booked me for every Thursday for the next three weeks.

Very exciting and affirming. I love Watkin’s, it is the oldest esoteric bookshop in England and is busy and eccentric with staff who are informative and kind. You are welcome to drop by and see me if you are in London on a Thursday.

The lovely thing about this was it was a gentle effortless process and the fact that I was actually invited meant no need for ‘heavy’ sales pitch or demanding.

This feeling of acceptance made me feel happy and secure.  I  am working to incorporate it as a standard in all areas of my life – I am seeking ease and kindness, joyfulness and play.

This means some release of old habits but I am up for that.

CB comment was:

“Your journey into the light has not been easy. You have worked hard and at times suffered. It will not be as difficult again. You have permission to allow all that does not serve you to drift away”.

I hope that you dear reader have a delightful week, full of ease and happiness and joy-with people that You love and who love You affirming your gifts and appreciating You.

Know that you contain divinity within, and that when you are on the right path the Universe will support you. xxx

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