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A November altar to give solace whilst working.


Because today in Devon it is so November I decided to make a small altar to keep my self company and grounded so that I could focus and be productive.  Its not elaborate, just some chestnuts and beech leaves that I picked up when walking; a couple of springs of Michaelmas daisies from the garden and a beautiful Crystal Cave candle made by Touchfire Candles in Totnes. The candle is scented with many essential oils including moon incense and frankincense for calming the soul and wisdom; both of which I need!  Shame that I cannot bottle up its fragrance and send it to you.

I am writing about this because as a strategy for concentration I found that it worked. So I thought that you may find it useful. The steady flame of the candle; the flower’s with their child like simplicity and swirling sun like Van Gough complexity; the auburn  chestnuts & beech leaves combined to centre me; So no temptation to look through Facebook or eBay or Twitter as a distraction; just  the nourishment of a quickly assembled altar to comfort me  and enhance my  writing.

An Angel Reading for today:

“Dear Ones; As the season dissolves around you, draw inspiration and courage from your own backbone; It is there to give you strength”.

Wishing you a wondrous rest of day.

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