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A Scarlet Tiger Moth & A Message from the Universe.


This pristine moth appeared on an ivy leaf outside of the house on the day of my book signing when I was utterly consumed with nerves. No doubt it was just minding its business, but it comforted me. In all my years it was the first time that I had seen a moth of this kind; I looked it up. It is (I believe) a Scarlet Tiger Moth. It brought me comfort because it a) reminded me to be still, b) it has a heart on it, c) the scarlet matched my book signing outfit! (which I know is unbearably self centred and frivolous of me but there you are; I like the synchronicity).

Ivy apparently symbolises fidelity, marriage. And this got me thinking too. About hard it can be sometimes, to be committed, to have faith.  In the UK at the moment it feels as though all the entrails are out on the table for examination. The hurricane swirls around; with my personal Angel CB advising me “Stay still in the eye of the storm”.  So I pledge to remain faithful to my belief the vibration and consciousness of the earth is being raised for the better.  To try not to descend into negativity. To keep out of fear. Somehow the sight of that one Scarlet Tiger Moth helped me to do it.

Here is an Angel Reading for today :

“Stay still in the eye of the storm; holding, kindness, faith & love; the most valuable qualities to bring to bear now; this above doing. Have faith that all will subside. From the shadows comes gold; the outcome? Greater equilibrium”.

Wishing You a good rest of week. x

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