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A small note on the ‘nature’ of Angels and work on earth (for Elizabeth in Canada &

In my last blog CB was speaking very clearly about the ‘great shift’ that humanity is currently involved in.  In this blog I would like to explore this a little further- in particular how it involves angels and the support that they offer us day to day.

It is my understanding that this great shift involves work- after all, as the sayings go- and I can’t remember whose sayings they are ! (but they are deep in my consciousness ) “work is G-d made manifest” and “Before enlightenment chopping wood and carrying water, after enlightenment chopping wood and carrying water”.  I see this ethos all the time in Totnes. Everyday I am much impressed by many people involved in the Transition Town Movement who are busy putting their ideas into action with dedication and focus and much care devoted to process: For example, “The Kitchen Table: Conscious Catering” a catering company run by Sima and Hannah which only uses locally sourced organic products, various ‘green’ cleaning companies…and then there is a shop called Karma on the highstreet offering ethical  and fairtrade gifts, the Green Funeral Company etc etc. These companies are not necessarily claiming to be inspired by Angels- in fact I don’t think that any of them are but I would say that their work is most certainly supporting the “great shift` because it is highly ethical work that supports the divine mother.

So the question is

How does  the Angelic Realm fit in with work? And how can we access help from it?

It appears that each individual Angel has a consciousness and an energy that it is possible to draw down upon and not only that but this consciousness is entirely capable of independently providing assistance if and when required, and this assistance may be given simultaneously to many individuals at the same time without effort.   Which is incredibly miraculous (when you think about it).

I have a friend Margo, who is dear to me and whom has been especially kind and encouraging during my transition from the world of public sector consultancy to that of energy worker, angel reader and healer.

We meet quite regularly for coffee. Margo has a great deal of esoteric knowledge- especially from the world of Steiner.  Margo has helped me with this particular blog as her technical understanding of Angels is greater than mine. Margo told me ‘Many people have become familiar with the idea that each individual being is accompanied in life with an individual guardian angel.  Other angels work in families, small communities and institutions.   Individual Arch Angels have a larger remit and role,  They have extensive responsibilities which include guiding the destiny of whole Nations. According to ancient esoteric traditions there are also seven leading Archangels that carry very special tasks which are related to specific rhythms of time in history. These traditions link these seven beings to particular planets-the nature of the Planet involved bestows particular powers that leave their imprint in different periods of history.

These are the seven Archangels that rotate in the same order, like days of the week, each covering an earthly span of time of approx. 354 years. If we go back two millennia we see the following influences: Oriphiel, the Saturn Archangel -246 BC – AD 108, Anael, the Venus Archangel 108 AD- 463 AD, Zachariel, the Jupiter Archangel 463AD -817 AD, Raphael, the Mercury Archangel 817 AD until 1171 AD, Samael, the Mars Archangel 1523 1879. Currently we are living within the span of the Sun Archangel Mikel (usually spelt   Michael) (1879 until the current time).  Orphiel returns in a new cycle about the year 2231”.

Margo went on to tell me of the belief that when earth was formed  from the very being of Angels and this again reminded me of how truly divine we are as human beings – how interconnected: No wonder Angels surround us. Apparently there are as many Arch Angels as their are human beings- but it is Arch Angel Mikel who is particularly close  at this time because he is overseeing our age.

Margo  has a vivid story to share in relation to how Arch Angel Michael helped her with her work and inspired her to set up a cafe:

”We lived on Wearyallhill in Glastonbury, which is a hill in the shape of a giant whale-a magical hill.  Legend says that Joseph of Arimathea came to the hill and planted staff which became the holy thorn bush. Our house was close to this thorn bush. Close by  also lived two clairvoyants-  One of these clairvoyants occupied a rose covered cottage. One day she came up to our house and knocked on the door and said “Margo I have something to tell you……I was standing in my garden when I saw (a vision) of a giant troop of men on horseback coming up the hill, and the leader was shining and radiant like a giant angel. The men stopped outside your door and one stooped down to check his horse hoof. I asked him- who is your Leader? And the man/warrior replied “That is the Arch Angel Michael”.

Margo told me that from that day she has closely felt the presence of Arch Angel Michael and was guided by him to open the Rainbow Cafe in Glastonbury selling wholefood meals and serving as a community meeting point. Although at the conception of the Project Margo didn’t have the money to put it in place she was lent it by her father. The business went from strength to strength, progressing with ease and although Margo and her husband Christopher sold it on it in order to come to Totnes to help start up the Rudolf Steiner School in Dartington, it is still in existence. Margo is convinced that providing (and consuming) good food is angelic work because ‘we are what we eat” and we need to consume good pure unsullied food to keep our vibration high and be able to connect with the angelic realm as well as be equipped to fulfill our potential on Earth.

So what does CB- my guardian angel have to say about it ? Actually she is impatient with me!

“Dear One I have told you many times that the way to fulfillment is through work. However I am not referring to labour just for money I referring to the individual’s life’s work in which ever form that this takes.  In your instance it is  through giving joy and helping people reach their potential. Human’s must have courage. The great shift is here. Much changes. They must step into the dark and assist in the realignment. Ethical work delivered with joy accesses the divine. It is G-d made manifest.  If you wish to access any Angels help, providing it assists the greater good-all you need do is Ask!”

So that told me.

Enjoy the rest of your day. Work Hard!

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