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A sniff of magic; if not a glimpse.


My son Josh; looked at me and said; “Mum there is magic in the air; can’t you feel it?”.  Upon reflection I felt that he was right; there was indeed magic in the air. I had no idea what magic; or why magic? but there was definitely a tinge of magic in the air.

Two days later I read in a national newspaper that a humpback whale had been visiting the bay at Torcross in order to feast upon Pilchards driven in by the storm. Torcross is  only two miles or so from our house (as the crow flies); and we missed it.  Alas and alack. I rebuked myself; next time I feel a tinge of  magic in the air I will follow my nose and go and find it.

And yet today; when Lily the Paterdale Terrier and I were out walking; I looked beyond the bay pictured above (the Whale had been spotted just around the corner) & had joy in my heart at the fact a Whale had come to visit the neighbourhood.  Even if I didn’t witness the actual event,  magic and wonder still lingered in the air.  And I had gratitude for the fact that the Whale had had its feast & swam away; free not beached.  I felt touched by greatness.

 Here is a message from ‘my’ personal angel CB; “Whales are keepers of the balance; You may delight in their presence & freedom. Know that you are blessed.”

Wishing You dear reader a day of freedom; plenty and wonder. Know that you are blessed. x

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