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‘All will be restored, a ‘pot of gold’; Fairy dust.


Now here is a strange and winsome story……I have resisted writing it for a few months because although ultimately optimistic it also concerned a negative; not as joyful to write about as my usual offerings. But what we resist persists; so I am releasing this story to make room for new ones.  I hope that you find it interesting.

This is what happened:

In April my handbag ‘disappeared’ whilst I was working; leaving me distraught and greatly inconvenienced. Never mind that I could hear my own personal Angel CB gently telling me; ‘all will be restored’; I was furious.   To defuse my anger I carried out radical forgiveness; obtained radical insights.   But still I could not let go. I felt so terribly invaded & attacked.  I journeyed into victim land but could not get out. Worst of all, my heart hardened.  Usually I am loving;  have faith in humanity. Because of this one act; by one person in a life time of adventures that have included much good fortune I entered into a cold and dark place; I did not wish to reach out to anyone. I felt disconnected; alone.   All I could hear from spirit was my Angels one message; repeatedly telling me ‘all will be restored’. Nothing more.

About a week after the hand bag incident I walked along the road. I was still in such a bad mood that  was looking down at my feet rather than up. And  in the dust before me, lay a wallet, not greatly unlike the purse that I had lost when my bag was stolen.  There is a photo of it above for you to see; It does not identify the person it belongs to.  I looked at the wallet and I looked up and along the street. There was no one in sight so I picked the wallet up and took it back home and carefully sat it on the table.  It felt invasive and strange to open another persons wallet.  I summoned up my courage; gingerly peeling out the contents of the wallet.  I needed to find out who it belonged to.

It contained a little more than the money that had been in my  purse; plus the same bank cards from the same bank that I use, plus various business cards. The more I delved into the wallet the more uncomfortable I felt; I really did not want to be doing this.  To my relief at the back of the wallet I found a card; ‘this wallet belongs to…’, I telephoned the owner; handed the wallet back to him within the hour. Because he had gratitude he gave me a box of gold! Well a box of Ferro Rocher (photo above).  But in reality he gave me much more.

The process of delving into the wallet healed something; restoring my heart; which is far more valuable to me than money. It was so uncomfortable an experience for me to explore or enter another person’s ‘purse’, that I realised that the person who had misappropriated my possessions must indeed be in a very dark place; a place that deserved my compassion.  Something was released. Finding the wallet  enabled me to give again; which is something that I very much like to do. Light came back to my life. Just as my Angel told me; all was restored. Just not in the way that I had expected.  The cleverness of the whole adventure intrigued me; made me laugh; the synchronicity astounded me and made me joyful again; pleased to be back to myself.  Plus my son Zack and I very much enjoyed our fairy gold in the form of Ferrero Rocher!

Here is an Angel reading for today

” Do not allow those who dwell in darkness to steal your light; Have faith that all is restored; the universe is benevolent; your birthright is joy”.

You know that most amazing thing about this story is that I can honestly say that my Angel has not once ever let me down.

Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to look up as you go about your day. You never know you may see an Angel! xxx

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