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Angel Reading in Watkin’s

I loved angel reading in Watkin’s,

Ok I managed to pull down the curtains to the small booth in the window where the readings take place, and thus create a certain amount of chaos but that didn’t matter because Watkin’s people are kind and didn’t make me feel bad and put them back up quite quickly………

In the first instance I was afraid that the readings wouldn’t come through and felt frozen. CB told me “don’t come from ego- focus upon your work- assist people to be in spirit” and that is what I did.

This is a useful technique- coming out of ego to focus on the task- it always helps me to stop procrastinating and become active.  If I concentrate upon what I can give the world becomes a more benevolent place and somehow more sparkly and shiny. There is a freedom rather than panic and judgement.

I am pleased to say that I did read/heal successfully and my clients were happy. I will now be in Watkins each Thursday until the end of April,

I wish you a sparkly and shiny spring day. xxx

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