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Recently I felt compelled to attend an energy course run by Lightning Path: which was in the main a good course and I learnt a lot.

We spoke about how we could tell whether or not channelled information was accurate – the view was (and I think that I have got this right more or less) that to trust it one has to see it verified — or proven-in the material world.

So here is the extremely clever way that CB, the angel that I channel verified her existence to me.

I was walking past the National Art Gallery at the beginning of February and I heard her say- “Angels are in there go and look”, to which I replied ” Well no actually, its too late and I don’t have time” “GO and LOOK” . So I went-there was great excitement-not there — here and I was led (or propelled) to the SHOP-where in the far corner against the wall were cut price yearly PLANNERS with angel pictures reduced to 99p.

In retrospect I think that she was telling me to include her in my day to day life, I regret that I was too mean to buy one.  Then it was go here, go there, No up — where to the impressionists? (This surprised me as I expected to go to the old masters) But no behind the Van Gogh was a picture of a 16th century seer The Cumaean Sibyl with a Putto 1651 by Guercino with an angel in the background and Iwas told-here you are-this is you.)

Hope that you enjoyed this post. I encourage you to verify channeled information-if you have faith you may be as amazed as I was. Please send me any incidents that you may have-you never know I might include them in my new book.

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