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Auturm is here-time for introspection and cosiness!

Dear Everyone,

I can’t believe that it has been more than a month since my last blog! I apologise. I have been away dealing with my affairs, facing some harsh realities and shedding unwanted or unsustainable burdens. Within all of this I have been met with kindness and as I write I am filled with Joy and pride – The bridge has been crossed- I am finally working nearly 100% full time with my readings and healing. Now that I have made the commitment it is (healing) more powerful than ever. I have to be aware- one Skype healing to Canada left the charger on my computer kuput – even although its an Applemac! I was sending healing through the computor to my client o the other side- who did recieve it- but I am going to change my techique.

Here is the angel reading for today:

‘I am proud of your courage, you have travelled far and your reality is changing entirely. Stay in your truth. Undertake a period of introspection- celebrate your successes and observe those areas in which you wish you behaved differently, Learn and move on. Your etheric body is now complete and solid- you will not be hurt to this degree again in this life time. Know that you are blessed. Fast for three days and then make an offering to acknowlege your blessings and your renewal. All will be well. Continue to operate at a level of lovingkindness and continue to be of service. There are many wounds which require assistence in healing”.

Have a lovely day dear Reader.x

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