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B1 Angel Street: Angels everywhere………..


Here is the thing: Out on my travels, Not quite knowing where I am going next and stumbling across either references to angels or white feathers in quite a magical way.

  1. Working in Watkins and having the audacity to complain about ‘having to be an angel reader,’ and being told off by a member of staff, sternly but also lovingly and quite right too. He told me to ‘accept my gift’. So I have and finally after 5 years of procrastination I am working hard again. I suspect that that is why the following events occurred:

  2. In High Barnet (Harris and Hoole Coffee Shop) arranging for Friday taster sessions starting on May 2nd – May 16th should you be in the area) A large white feather appeared next to my leaflet, no one knows quite where from, but I have it in my handbag as we speak.

  3. In Sheffield I visited Serenity Holistic Therapies which is a shop of high energy. The proprietor Janyce was kind enough to give me a small glass red angel for grounding. I walled out of the shop to see a large RED double decker bus draw up-it was going to B1 Angel Street. (This made me laugh!) I recommend that if You are in Sheffield you visit Serenity for your own angelic experience.

  4. Then in Halsworth, Suffolk I parked by Angel Links and unbeknown to me family who came to join us, booked in to the ANGEL Hotel, which is where I had my birthday meal, by coincidence of course.

All of this doesn’t include my family and friends, Earth angels who are helping me every step on my way and for whom I have deep love and gratitude.

I am using the faith that all of the instances above have given me to try to stay in the present and not go down any wormholes of fear. Ann Tyler’s book ‘Back when we were grown up,’ contains wisdom which is helping me to maintain this view. Its worth a read.  I am also continuing to use radical forgiveness to clear any negative emotion. Sometimes I feel like an onion. I clear one level for another to arrive.  Its worth the effort though as the healing that I offer seems to becoming through much more strongly.

Here is an Angel Reading for today;

“The times are turbulent as the vibration changes: Stay in power and work to repair the world through ones own energy field. All Changes. Be blessed and set out on your path to bring your gifts to the world”.

I hope that You have a wonderful blessed week that also includes Angels. x

With love,


NB: Your own story of angelic verification is very much welcomed via the comment box (Thanks)

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