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Back to the Gratitude Practice; day 1/28.


My apologies for not completing the last gratitude practice to the end; I fell at the last hurdle: day 26/28! I have decided to go back & start again. If you are reading this and would like to (re) join me then now is a good time to start!    I fell because on the 24th Dec. I found a large lump on my dog Lily’s neck; that knocked out all gratitude practices & threw me into emergency mode & shock. She has been to the vet; had antibiotics; had a biopsy, & seems fine in herself . We are awaiting the results. And I have calmed down enough to resume the practice; So here goes:

  1. I have gratitude for having enough space & stability to undertake this practice. I truly realise how privileged I am: Thank You; Thank You; Thank You.

  2. The last day of gratitude practice was transformative; I have now further consolidated & better understood my work which means that I can offer clients a better service; I realise how much I love my work. Thank You; Thank You; Thank You.

  3. The experience with Lily made me see her in a shiny light. Its good to see those close to us in a shiny light — animals & people both, that we love ; because it makes us realise how special they are & how blessed we are to have them in our lives; again I realise how privileged I am. So for Josh, Zach & Lily; Thank You, Thank You; Thank You.

  4. As you may or may not have seen ! The Gift of an Angel has been on special promotion. In theory the offer ended yesterday (although it still seems to be up today)!. To everyone who offered support & input to this process in which ever way: Especially Antonetta Fernandes & Joshua Ben Erlick; THANK YOU: THANK YOU: THANK YOU. Here is the final outcome in Amazon Listings:

  1. I have gratitude for being so nourished over the holiday period. To give an example;   Chanukah started on the 24th of December 2016; I had forgotten to order any candles or buy them in Devon. Without having to ask; my friends Tobe & Nick brought a pack of beautiful candles for me; and came with them on the first night. Then every night we invited friends &  lit them; without missing; So for time with friends; Thank You;Thank You; Thank You. Here is the Chanukiah on the last night;

  1. I have gratitude for lighter days & the prospect of (nearly) all of 2017 before me (Please g_d). It is exciting to think of all that might happen & have so many days stretching ahead; So for anticipation: thank you;thank you;thank you.

  2. Last Tuesday in Watkins, I met some amazing people; & have gratitude for my work so  for all new & existing clients; Thank You; Thank You: Thank You.

  3. Today I am working on a new article ; so for creative work; Thank You; Thank You Thank You.

  4. Last year (2016) was a momentous year for me; particularly the last realisation of the gratitude practice. I have given myself permission to look ahead positively; to try & bring more to the world & offer greater service. So for new beginnings & the power of redemption; For being able to get up & start again & for being able to return; Thank You; Thank You; Thank You.

  5. For all the blessings of the day before me; & to You for taking the time to read this: Thank You: Thank You: Thank You.

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