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Bring in your dreams and manifest in 2016

A Happy New Year and a huge ‘Thank You’, to all my clients who have made it possible for me to earn my living giving Angel Readings, Coaching, healing and energy clearing.

It is such a privilege to be able to work with You.

Over The holiday period my sons and I sent some time at Burgh Island near Bigbury on Sea in Devon. When we arrived the tide was out- it came in very quickly and caught us out a bit. I was struck by the beauty of the sea and how such change came so quickly. Watching it I was suddenly proud of my work- I thought of all my clients beginning a session perhaps feeling 10/10 stuck and ending 0/10 stuck. In half an hour. As dramatic a change as the tide coming in! Fantastic.

So I would like to make a January Thank You Offer of reduced price readings- by Skype as a Thank You and Incentive.

If you would like some Visioning and planning  to help make sure that You reach your goals in 2016, or some energy work, or Coaching; Or a reading; or remote healing I am offering a 30mins session at £25.00.

How much may be achieved in half an hour!

There is every chance of accessing a different landscape. A dramatic a change as shown in the photos below- taken at Bigbury on Sea 26th Dec 2015.

Additionally if you previously have had coaching on an one going basis and would like to rebook, or if you would like to commission on going coaching then please do be in touch. I have January offers for x 6 sessions of 1.5 hours each; worth time spent worth its weight in gold; as coaching clients report transformational change.

Please do be in touch by email

With love and blessings for a successful and fulfilling 2016 . Very much hoping to work with you in January and beyond.


Wendy Erlick

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