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Celestial ‘to do’ list, 3rd March and instruction on giving and receiving angel messages

Here is Celestial Bell’s ‘to do’ list for today, March 3rd. • Concentrate and focus on your work, you are on earth to be in the world. Do not waste your time. • Guard your self against being adversely affected by other people’s pain and suffering have the discipline to stay within your own energy so that you can offer greater assistance. • You are surrounded with generosity and love. All that you need is within your reach. • You are still plagued with a lack of faith. Raise your vibration to love and heart energy so that you will be able to maintain a state of grace.

Suggestions on managing angel messages.

Firstly people often ask me how I receive a messages and how to know if a message is true. There is also the issue of how to give a message to another person gracefully and authentically – without causing alarm.

My understanding is that people usually receive messages in the way in which they process information and perceive the world. So if you are primarily audio sensory then you will hear the message, if a visual person you may see a flash or a picture. It is not uncommon to perceive an angelic presence through smell. Because I am quite strongly kinaesthetic I may receive messages through feeling or intuition and also some, or all of the above.

In relation to knowing whether or not a message is ‘true’ as opposed to making it up the accepted guidance is that Angel messages are usually loving and wise- operating at a higher level. An Angel will not give advice that is harmful to another human being. I have found that I will be able to tell if it is Celestial Bell (CB) coming through by the degree of force or insistence. And I have learnt by experience as CB can be quite forceful and sometimes I find her difficult to manage. Particularly if She sends through a message with so much energy and intensity that she knocks me off my feet. This has happened.

In relation to giving a message this is also not always easy – a strong message may be misinterpreted – generally it is better not to give advice as it can be interpreted as controlling and or disempowering.

Sometimes I will ask CB how to give the message- and she will tell me. It is important to draw back your own ego and get out of the way (especially in relation to people to whom you are closest). If I am giving a Bi Aura Healing or Theta Healing I will check with the client before giving the treatment to see if they are open to receiving a message- IF I GET ONE. I don’t always. Some people will say that they prefer not to receive a message.

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