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I am proud to introduce a new course that Cilla Conway (fellow Watkins Reader & Artist) and myself are running in Belsize Park;London on the 11th of July.  Last time I worked with Cilla I saw tiny nature spirits hovering around her; so I am expecting the new workshop to be Magical; please come if you can and/ or forward this flyer to friends if you feel inspired to do so; Thank you.x


Who is this course for?

Many people nowadays would like to feel a sense of connection with the angelic realms. This one-day workshop will give participants different ways to build this connection. The workshop is particularly suitable for people with a certain amount of experience in self-awareness and spiritual development. Participants will be encouraged to develop confidence in their ability to channel effectively. Through different intuitive techniques (visualisation, intuition, readings, and active awareness of the different levels of energy around us), we will work together to find the most effective techniques for each individual.

Each course participant will receive a pack of Devas of Creation as part of the workshop (worth £28).

Course Outline

10.00 am: Arrivals and Coffee

10.30-11.00: Introduction to the work – what channelling is, how to channel safely and effectively, and the different energy beings we’ll be focusing on today: angelics, elementals and devas

11.00-12.00: How to channel safely and effectively. Meeting your angel guide. Energy Work and meditation.

12.00-1.30: Connecting with the Devas (after a meditation we will go outside to discover the Deva/s who wish to communicate with you)

1.30-2.30: Lunch

2.30-3.30: Angelic work: good practice; keeping safe; replenishing; detaching and cleansing

3.30-4.30: Intuitive readings, using Deva and angel cards

4.30-5.30 Debrief and close

Workshop Outcomes:

This workshop will provide you with on-going resources – the ability to work through imagery, visualisations, and communication from the celestial and Other worlds. You will develop increased confidence in your ability to retain the contact with your guides in everyday life. This work is designed to help you to develop an integral sense of well-being and trust.

The deck of Devas cards will be an invaluable resource for you in the future (with the additional bonus of demonstrations by the artist).

The Facilitators:

Cilla Conway:

Cilla is the artist and author of The Intuitive Tarot, the Devas of Creation, and The Byzantine Tarot. In 1973 she began designing her own tarot deck after the Tarot Fool appeared one evening on her drawing pad. In 2002, after attending a workshop on angels, the Devas began to come through (i.e. channelled through Cilla).

Cilla lives in south London and is a professional reader at Watkins Bookshop, Atlantis, and other venues in London and abroad, using both her Intuitive Tarot and Devas of Creation in her readings. Her third deck, the Byzantine Tarot, is being published in May this year.

Wendy Erlick: Wendy Erlick is a qualified Bi-Aura Healer and qualified Theta Healer. She combines healing with angel channelling / energy work and intuitive coaching. Like Cilla, Wendy gives regular readings at Watkins Books. She is a spiritual writer and a contributor to Kindred Spirit. Her Blog may be found @ and her book, The Gift of An Angel, a Journey to Integrating Spirituality into Everyday Life, will be published in September 2015.

Venue: The Owl Room, Pax Lodge, Olave Centre, 12c Lyndhurst Road London, NW3 5PQ

Date: Saturday 11th July 2015

Cost: £75.00 (price includes a set of Deva cards worth £28).   Tea, coffee and snacks will be provided. There are plenty of places nearby to buy lunch or you are welcome to bring your own. Please feel free to bring a blanket for the mediation if you wish. Cushions are provided.

To join this course please email either Wendy; or Cilla;; or call 07922 038059.  

2; A synchronicity; although this may sound a bit of a victim story to begin with; in reality its a story of liberation; This is what happened

Recently I suffered the loss of my handbag. I am not sure what or how it happened whilst I was working in Watkins; just that it did.  

I was devastated by the loss of the bag; and filled with fury. However my personal Angel CB  comforted me; immediately afterwards by telling me “all will be restored”.   

Two months later I was walking along the street in Paignton; Devon and lying on the ground before me there was a wallet.  Here is a picture of it; except for the fact that it was a wallet; it wasn’t a far cry from my purse that had disappeared with my handbag; it had the same bank cards, a a

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