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Clearing & Earth Angels:

  1. Make sure that you continue to clear blockages and old emotions/projections.

  2. You are doing well but there is still more work ahead.

  3. As you change so will those around you.

  4. Open your heart to being compassionate towards others regardless of their outward appearance or your perception of intelligence/ mental health- this is a big lesson for you.

  5. Use radical forgiveness

  6. Post messages without reference to your own ego.

  7. Give thanks for your many blessings

  8. Stand strong now.

  9. Listen to the world sing- despite natural disasters good prevails.

The Earth Angel reference relates to the collection being carried out in Totnes High Street by Japanese people asking for donations to send aid for the Earthquake. One person without money had donated their lottery ticket-  this was an act that lifted the spirits of those collecting  and gave comfort and hope. I have told people this story going about my day because I love its inherent kindness and abundance.

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