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Day 10/28 Gratitude Practise: Thank you for miracles & new possibilities:

❄️ Is snow a miracle? I like to think so: Thank You: Thank You; Thank You.

❄️ For nourishment gained via connections, kindness and friends: Thank You:Thank You:Thank You.

❄️ Bulbs remind me of potential and brooding possibility: Thank You: Thank You:Thank You.

❄️ For Love: Thank You; Thank You; Thank You.

🎄I was given a gift today of x 3 mobile connection leads; As mine are always getting broken or lost this was a most thoughtful gift: Thank You:Thank You:Thank You.

🎄 For the gift of being inside in the warm, rather than outside in the cold: Profound gratitude: Thank You: Thank You; Thank You.

🎄 For a book to read: (Star of Wonder by Ann Pratchett)(who incidentally writes wonderfully about snow ❄️) Thank You: Thank You: Thank You.

🎄 For the love & support of my sons Josh & Zach: Heartfelt gratitude: Thank You:Thank You: Thank You.

❤️ For the luxury of a day in which to dream and procrastinate: Thank You: Thank You: Thank You.

❤️ For the sum of the day with its intricacies & calmness and beautiful unfolding: Thank You: Thank You. Thank You.

And here is an Angel Reading for today:

Stay present: Stay in Grace. Observe the unfolding of softness around you. Know that you are blessed”.

Wishing you dear Reader a wonderful & joyous week.

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