Day 11/28: Thank you: thank you;thank you:

Yesterday was a day of much mist and great stillness;I am not even half way through this exercise and although I spent much of the day in a state of gratitude & wonder I forgot to post my list. Which is I suppose a problem — dreaminess does not always help when making things material by writing them down. Lets hope that fact that I am catching up early (writing this @6 am) mitigates against my tardiness and does not invalidate the exercise.

  1. I have gratitude for stillness; even if when I enter it I can feel afraid; I know that if I stay in it there will be some growth.Thank you Thank you. Thank You.

  2. I have gratitude for busy iness: Running around doing things even if only day to day routine things like washing up; an honour & a privilege: Thank you Thank you. Thank You.

  3. I have gratitude for beauty: Looking at the grace of the tree in the photo above; I like the space in its branches and the softness of the lights against the grey; Thank you Thank you. Thank You.

  4. For food on the table & the roof over our heads; for these things each day I have gratitude; Thank you Thank you. Thank You.

  5. For my life and the fact that I am living it; for this every day I have gratitude; Thank you Thank you. Thank You.

  6. For self knowlege & the ability to communicate; even if some days I am unaware & clumsy; for this I have gratitude; Thank you Thank you. Thank You.

  7. If I listen closely enough I can hear the humming of the earth; more wonderful & beautiful than I have words for: Thank you: Thank You; Thank You.

  8. To anyone taking the time to read this blog; I have gratitude; On the one hand it feels that it may be indulgent; on the other hand it is important to me that I do it as I wish to observe/be a shift. For the fact that you are kind enough to accompany me I have thanks; Thank you Thank you. Thank You.

  9. For the variety of things that I have that I can put my hand on that make my day easier; my glasses in particular, my favourite mug; my keys; the comfort of Lily the Patterdale terrier. I have gratitude;Thank you Thank you. Thank You.

  10. For courage & heart that I see in those around me; I am always inspired ; often in awe; I have gratitude; Thank you Thank you. Thank You.

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