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Day 15. Grace in the town that is Totnes

  1. I have gratitude for the people in Totnes, who put this sign across the bridge today (photo Steph Bailey). The other side reads ‘build bridges’. All beautifully done; on mesh; no paint; no graffiti; just beautiful grace that  settled me & kept me in alignment; Thank You; Thank You; Thank You.

  2. A deep blue lapis stone appeared by magic into my handbag. I have no idea on earth how it got there; but I must need it; Thank You; Thank You; Thank You.(for magic)

  3. I met my friend in the Almond Thief bakery for coffee; There was some trouble on the table; But our friendship is stronger than trouble. Thank you; Thank you Thank you; for enduring friendships.

  4. Today I was no longer tired & had energy. How lovely to be able to get more done.  Thank You; Thank You; Thank You.

  5. In the evening we lit the candles for Shabbat; Thank You Thank You; Thank You; For candles (fire) & Shabbat.

  6. We try to be mostly vegetarian; But today I roasted a (free range) chicken;Thank You; Thank You; Thank You. for the life & nourishment of the chicken.

  7. Today I received  thanks for  my Cygnus article – which will be out in February & was praised for its ‘heartfelt quality’ & I saw that a further 100 copies of the Gift of An Angel have been printed; Thank You; Thank You; Thank You for my work.

  8. For the apricot perfection of the night sky; Thank You; Thank You; Thank You.

  9. To You; for reading this; Thank You; Thank You; Thank You.

  10. For the appearance of snowdrops; Thank You Thank You; Thank You

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