Day 17 of gratitude practice: I am learning a lot.

  1. For opportunity to attend an enormous  ‘staff’ party in Tobacco Wharf; Thank you: Thank you:Thank you.

  2. For opportunity to leave my coat in cloak room ‘A’, of said party; & then attempt to collect it from cloakroom ‘B’, with the attendant chaos that caused! Thank you: Thank you:Thank you.

  3. For the late night train back from the party & feeling for one brief second that I was sixteen again (only 40 years ago!) Thank you: Thank you:Thank you.

  4. For taking the Shadwell Train on Cable Street in the East End of London & remembering how it was the site of the battle of Cable Street; where the black shirts (fascists) were prevented from passing; great gratitude for my liberty; Thank you: Thank you:Thank you.

  5. For the opportunity to have lunch with my friend who I have known for seventeen years & the comfort that brought: Thank you: Thank you:Thank you.

  6. For the opportunity to visit my old neighbourhood & buy an iced bun; exactly the same recipe as my grandmother used to buy me as a child: Thank you: Thank you:Thank you.

  7. For the opportunity to come back home exhausted  to a cup of tea;Thank you: Thank you:Thank you.

  8. For my coaching work that sustains & nourishes me (& my clients I hope!) Thank you : thank you Thank You

  9. For all that I value in my life & all who are /that is dear to me; Thank you: Thank you:Thank you.

  10. For sum of all my days & every day : Thank you: Thank you:Thank you.

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