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Day 18: 1-9 in feeling realigned: Thank you:Thank You: Thank You

  1. This evening for late night shopping I gave book signings in WHSmith Exeter. In 10 minutes one person whom I gave a ‘taster’ session to went from feeling 1/10 in alignment to 9/10 in alignment. How cool is that! Thank you: Thank you:Thank you.

  2. Zachary & I came home through the lanes; the road was closed & we went on to a farm track: We ended up having to back down a muddy lane; I was afraid that we were going to be stuck & stranded; & this was @midnight. But we got out Ok! phew! Thank you: Thank you:Thank you.

  3. An unexpected by product of this gratitude practise seems to be  the shedding of illusion; The more grateful that I am; the more I accept my self & feel grounded & real. It is a good feeling; Thank you: Thank you:Thank you.

  4. For anyone kind enough to have the interest to read these lists, your support is noticed & appreciated; Thank you: Thank you:Thank you.

  5. For all the business of the holiday season; I enjoy watching the preoccupation & efforts of my community. Its wonderful; Thank you: Thank you:Thank you.

  6. For the red admiral butterfly that came into the house and danced at the window until I let you out; no doubt your life will be brief at this time of the year but your unexpected presence lightened my heart & gave me hope: Thank you: Thank you:Thank you.

  7. For the increased perfume of my hyacinth  that continues to open: Thank you: Thank you:Thank you.

  8. For the ability to work today (thursday) even although I was dropping with tiredness; Thank you: Thank you:Thank you.

  9. For the Tree in the square (pictured above)in Totnes; Thank you: Thank you:Thank you.

  10. For the opportunity to rebirth & start again; Thank you: Thank you:Thank you.

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