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Day 21/28: For a Bowl of fruit: Thank You: Thank You:Thank You❤️

❤️ When I was a child (50 years ago) food could be scarce in our house. Sometimes My uncle Arthur used to call around with a large box of fruit: I remember it still  & have gratitude for fruit in the house: So for fruit: Thank You: Thank You: Thank You;

❤️ It was our Angel Planning Visioning Group today. Such kindness came into the house, bringing blessing in its wake; Thank you: Thank You:Thank You.

❤️ Its is the day of the solstice; I for one feel a gladdening that the shortest day will soon be behind me. Looking forward to next year! With Gratitude for the last; Thank You:Thank You; Thank you.

❤️ The car came back to me from the garage today; I am very pleased indeed to have it back: For a  car that is retrieved: Thank You: Thank You;Thank You.

❤️ For love: Thank You;Thank You:Thank You.

❤️ I received a call today from some one that I love: Thank You:Thank You;Thank You.

❤️ I brought some tulips today and I saw a new born lamb in the field: For early signs of spring: Thank You; Thank You:Thank You.

❤️ One half of the decluttering exercise (upstairs) was completed today. tomorrow I move down stairs: The house feels lighter & so do I Thank You: Thank You;Thank You.

❤️ I walked the dog this evening & smelt wood smoke in the air: evocative of many times in my life; each one overlaps. For memory: Thank You:Thank You:Thank You.

❤️For the sum total of the day with all of its perfections: Thank You:Thank You:Thank you. xx

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