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Day 21/8 -only one week left;

  1. Much gratitude for walking near this tree today; I love its rugged & stately beauty. Thank You; Thank You;Thank You.

  2. I accidentally tuned into ‘The Archers” this morning. The first time for ages. It made me smile. I remembered my mother with one ear listening to the Archers & one ear listening to me, many, many years ago. As I now often work; one eye on my computer; one ear listening to one of my two sons. Thank you Thank You; Thank You;Thank You for the fact that my sons chose to incarnate in my family. I adore them & have gratitude to every moment that I am graced with their presence; even when only half listening.

  3. I have gratitude for guilty pleasures & dilemma’s. I brought a potted Xmas (Chanukah bush?) tree in Budgen’s yesterday; it was half price & is 7 feet tall. I could not resist. Oh dear.  One son is in agreement; the other not. I meanwhile think that it is beautiful! No contradiction then when we light the Chanukah candles in its shadow! Thank You; Thank You;Thank You for opportunities (many) to have fun.

  4. I have gratitude for chances to join in. My tiny bit of voluntary work is to clean the village shop. Only once a week or even once a fortnight. It gives back more than I give; cleaning and playing shop is fun. And so far; because its a not for profit ‘Community shop”, I have not stolen a single sweet!  Thank you;Thank you; Thank you for opportunities to give which nourish my soul.

  5.  Much gratitude to my friends whom encourage me and care for me and make me laugh. Thank You; Thank You;Thank You

  6. I am back working in Watkins Books on Tuesday; travelling to London tomorrow; the place where my Angel told me to go to work. It was good advice; Thank You; Thank You;Thank You for angelic guidance & a wonderful place to work.

  7. I dropped Zach into Totnes today & drove back home through a sky so pink and so beautiful that I felt I had dropped into a sacred and holy experience.  Looking at the sky touch the earth gives me  a sense of place. Thank You; Thank You;Thank You

  8. Through this process of gratitude I feel more solid and serious about my work. Basically because I have developed more faith in myself and the gifts that I bring when clients are kind enough to work with me. Thank You; Thank You;Thank You

  9. I work up at 4am this morning, made my self a cup of tea & did some work. Wonderful to have such liberty & Wonderful work.

  10.  I have gratitude for Skype- for giving me the opportunity to work with clients; to connect with my friends – to have business meetings; to actually see people in other lands. Is this a miracle? Thank You; Thank You;Thank You.

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