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Day 6/28: Slightly delayed: But here nonetheless

🍂 For a day without the ability to post a list (due to broken computer screen): thank You: Thank You: Thank You

🌹 For a day without a computer that highlighted the fact that-yes I do work! Thank You: Thank You Thank You.

🍁 For safe passage from London to Devon: Thank You: Thank You: Thank You.

🌷For greetings from dog & a home to go to. Profound Thank You;Thank You; thank You

🌿For a book to read: thank You Thank You; Thank You.

🍂 For food :Thank You: Thank You;Thank You.

😍 For clients who are understanding (I had to cancel coaching appointments due to lack of computer)Thank You Thank You; Thank You:

🍎 For another commission from KS (article in Jan /February): I feel honoured and full of Thank You: Thank You: Thank You.

🌞 For joy: thank You: Thank You;Thank You

❤️ For love: Thank You: Thank You; Thank You.

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