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Day 7/28: Repair & Renewal

😍 For the news today (Thursday) that my computer screen did not need to be replaced (at a cost of c.£400) but merely had a screw loose! (Cost to repair: Nothing) Thank You: Thank You; Thank You.

🍂 For the realisation that I did not need to lose a nights sleep (worrying about broken computer) & that I have enormous support: Thank you;Thank You: thank you

🎀 For a new screen on my mobile phone; Now I can be properly in contact with the world again: Thank you; Thank You; Thank You.

❤️ For the infrastructure to carry out my work: red table at Watkins (above) mobile; internet; laptop. Immense Gratitude: I am blessed. Thank you Thank You; Thank You.

🌞 😀For my sons; Josh & Zack. Such cool guys engaged on adventures: Thank You: Thank You: Thank You

🌺 For journey’s: Thank You; Thank You: Thank You.

🌠 For Love: Thank You: Thank You;Thank You.

🌹🌺 For flowers on the table; Thank You: Thank You; Thank You.

😼 For peace of mind : Thank You: Thank You; Thank You.

🌿 For the combined blessings of the day: Thank You;Thank You; Thank You.

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