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Day 9; Still experiencing gratitude; even with a blip

  1. For the steadfastness of trees that are green mid winter; Thank You Thank You; Thank You.

  2. For the grace of a day of creativity; Thank You; thank You; Thank You.

  3. For losing my temper & raging & wanting to throw jacket potato’s out of the window; this happens so rarely now! Finally it is unusual rather than usual to lose my temper! For the fortitude of my sons in living with me; Thank You Thank you; thank you.

  4. For the foresight and intelligence displayed by my sons; Thank You; Thank You; thank you.

  5. For an invitation to a party; Thank You; Thank You;

  6. For being kindly welcomed into a party & being greeted; Thank You; Thank You; Thank You.

  7. For a glass of Plymouth Gin, with ice & lemon; Thank You; Thank You; Thank You.

  8. For the chance to make new friends; to hear new stories; & make new connections; Thank You; Thank You; Thank you.

  9. For the full moon & stars and the cold sharpness of the night; thank you; thank you; Thank You.

  10. For a door to open & enter; a dog to greet me  & shelter from the night; Thank You;Thank you; Thank You.

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