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Discombobulation & realignment.

On Saturday I sought Dartmoor because I was feeling thoroughly discombobulated and full of grief. The loss of the comfort of my companion dog Lily had left a searing gap & I felt torn apart with pain. The day contained both sunlight & rain; although I did not find any rainbows as I had hoped, none-the-less the moor offered me solace both through its wild emptiness and this small way side honesty shop.  I love the containment of these stands. Their artisan quality turns them into a work of art.

On this day; alas & alack  I was too late for lemon curd or eggs. But whilst I was taking this photo the owner came out to chat with me and gave me comfort that I appreciated. Then I made my way back home; leaving my pain behind me; restored enough to be able to count my blessings.  And if I didn’t see a rainbow on the moor, one did appear in the distance as I returned to my house.

Here below is a photo of another ‘honesty shop,’ this one is closer to home;  & I am quite often in time for eggs.  I like its simple beauty. Now inspired, I am going to make some lemon curd. I will let you know how I get along. x

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