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Fancy Some Magic or a Sprinkling of Angel Dust?

Fancy some Magic? If so here’s the plan. On the 1st of May 2018 I am going to revisit the gratitude practice that Rhona Byrne teaches; start again from the beginning & diarize it partially on social media; and also as a chapter in my new book (Your Right to Joy). You are welcome to join me if you would like too. I have a Facebook group (wendy erlick angel group) Use the fb page to check in; post as much or as little of your journey as you like. 😇

Or if you don’t have Facebook then you are welcome to use the comment section below if you would like to.

 On the 30th of April I am going to write my wish list; which will be very specific and place it in a sealed envelope (for evidence). My wish list will be the ten things that I am most grateful for; but that I would also like to see improve. I am looking for increase in flow as well as accessing the gratitude practise; which as you know I love because it takes me to a place of grace. It would be wonderful if at least eight of us joined this practise (bearing in mind the power of 8). Very glad that four people are on board; so we are half way there. You will need to buy or down load a copy of the book to join in. Open to everyone in the Angel group. Please feel free to sign others up.

With love and blessings for the journey. Wendy. 🌷

NB Thank You to Rachel & Anna for the beautiful birthday flowers (above) which helped to give me even more heart to begin this new project. 😇

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