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for frenzy and for energy:thank you:thank you:thank you

  1. Working in Watkins today, rather trying to work in Watkins today (in-between clients), the energy felt frenzied; change is in the air: For change that brings healing: thank you:thank you:thank you.

  2. For blossom that flies everywhere:thank you:thank you:thank you.

  3. I had news of my mothers day present and birthday present from my sons combined. Ah. so thoughtful and so sweet. Thank you:thank you;thank you.

  4. I spoke with a homeless man, Darren, today. He told me that he had been living on the street for 17 years, since he was 14 years old. He is used to it now. For the divine spark present in everyone that has the right to be honoured: Thank You:thank You:Thank You.

  5. For Love:thank You:Thank You:thank You

  6. For money:thank You;Thank You:thank You.

  7. My son Josh came into Watkins with his school friend today. She is just back from working in Lesbos as a volunteer. She was given accommodation but paid for her food. She did not receive payment for her work. She is seriously depleted through her giving but strong in her resolve. For earth angels: thank you:thank You;Thank You.

  8. I am in heaven in Watkins, surrounded by books. For learned writings and generosity: Thank You:Thank You:Thank You.

  9. For clients who booked into see me today: I am honoured to work with You:Thank You:thank you; Thank You.

  10. For complexity, humbleness and for grace. Thank You:Thank You;Thank You x

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