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For inner gold: thank you:thank You;thank You

  1. I love how gorse seems to hold sunlight. I love how people seem to hold sunlight. At the red table in Watkins today I was busy. I heard many stories; witnessed much courage. For spirit thank you;thank you;thank you

  2. I walked through a hail storm today which on the turn of a six pence suddenly turned into sunlight. Naturally I looked for a rainbow. The strangest thing was that when I thought of it there in a moment was a rainbow on the floor; it lasted x 2 seconds and disappeared. For magic:Thank You;Thank You;Thank You

  3. I came across kindnesses as I went about my day. I love kindnesses. Thank You;Thank You;Thank You

  4. For work, for business and for commissions: Thank You;Thank You;Thank You

  5. For Love:Thank You;Thank You;Thank You

  6. For Money:Thank You;Thank You;Thank you

  7. In London today I found my usual parking spot in Barter Street. I find the fact that I park in Barter Street to be amusing. Thank You;Thank You;Thank You

  8. I had enough resource to help someone today. Apparently giving releases a feel good chemical. Its good to give: Thank You;Thank You;Thank You.

  9. I touched base with members of my family today. My sons, my mother hold me and give my life meaning. Immense gratitude for these blessings:Thank You;Thank You;Thank You.

  10. Maybe its the gratitude practise but however hard it feels that life may be:Thorny; like the gorse bush and hard to grasp even; somewhere I perceive a grace and an ease for which I have immeasurable gratitude. Thank You;Thank You;Thank You.

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