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From the Case Notes of An Angel Channeller: Arriving Here; The Act of Digging for Gold

By now you may have realised that besides Angels and energy work I am most interested in the conjunction of the metaphysical and material world; how they react towards each other; over lapping sometimes; rejecting at other times. Eventually absorbing one another. As far as I can understand The Great Shift is referring to a time in which there will be no divide between the material and the metaphysical world. We carry out our material tasks in a holy way; we integrate the divine; The vibration of the world lifts. There is a balance.

So in this interim stage there are contradictions and abnormalities; pearls of truth. Shining authenticity; access to the divine; access to the inauthentic; signposts that point true; alleyways that divert. Reverence for the divine and for life; Disregard for the divine; Disregard for life; people still making it be ‘all about money’ to the extent that lack of money may cause death. People with high regard for sentient beings. Others with no regard; entrails on the table. Creativity and beauty at the highest level. A melting pot. My hope in The Age of Aquarius is that the sanctity of the Divine will prevail.

It is possible that if you are reading this that you are new to the so called Metaphysical World: Or perhaps not. But one thing that is sure is that you may have heard the term ‘Spiritual Journey’;

Many people who honour me by commissioning a reading tell me that they are ‘On their Spiritual Path”. Sometimes a Spiritual Journey is referencing an actual journey as a physical act; A pilgrimage. Maybe walking the Camino Pilgrimage: Going travelling; Spending time in India; Coming out of a situation that has become routine and no longer serves.

Although it can help with the process it is not necessary to travel physically in order to undertake a Spiritual Journey.

At its core the process of a Spiritual Journey is an act of introspection; that a decision has been made to Journey back home to ourselves: that we are learning who we are; what our purpose is; which gifts we can bring to the world; how we may embrace our spirituality; how we may master our emotions; integrate; become authentic. Perhaps feel that we are living our life as a song; That we are walking in the deepest and most humble grace.

I have a lot of respect for the process of the Spiritual Journey. Although it may embrace pitfalls; bring about pain as we step into the unknown and is not easy; I regard the Spiritual Journey as an Act of Digging for Gold.

Of course the purpose of the Spiritual Path is to learn to value one’s self as a divine being. As a miracle; To have love for self and others, compassion for self and others. To live at ones fullest potential. In Judaism (as I have often mentioned) this process is referred to as carrying out Tikkun Olum; Which means repair of the world and repair of ones self.

It saddens me when people come to see me at the Red Table in Watkins and tell me that they are on their Spiritual Path but have lost hope; lost track of themselves and feel that they are not successful. These are often the most sensitive and compassionate of people whom I wish to honour for the following reasons:

To say No to abuse in a family and carry out repair of self is an act of sacrifice and courage. To decide that: “It’s not all about the money and its about love” is another huge act of courage and sacrifice. To bring awareness to the shadows that we all have and face the pain of integrating them; again an enormous act. To remain where you are; perhaps in a mainstream profession and take the light to the darkness; again a worthy act; To offer ones self to the service of the Great Shift and the Realignment; This takes courage. To really take ones self on; examine oneself; do the work; Again Respect;

To take the risk of dancing at your full potential; of shining your light; not playing small. Perhaps upsetting the equilibrium of your circle and attracting jealousy from your peer group? Again not easy. To go out on a limb and say No to a practice that is unethical and does not serve the earth. Once again courage is needed. To actually take the step of bringing a dream that you may have into the world even if it is not guaranteed and might fail: again a courageous step.

Undertaking a Spiritual Journey is not about being foolhardy and reckless. Its about bring all of your expertise and innate wisdom to the forefront to say that you are not prepared to waste your most precious life and most precious gifts by being inauthentic and untrue to yourself.

My blessing for you; if you are reading this: I support you in Digging for Your own Gold. Enjoy bringing your gifts to the world. And here is a message from my personal Angel Celestial Bell:

Try to have courage even as you enter the eye of the storm; To step into uncertainty and confusion may appear to be reckless yet if you are truly able to surrender You will find your self supported and in Grace. Truly your birthright is that of joy. You are brought forth to shine; but have little conception of your power. Do not squander the resource which is your allowed span of time on Earth. Know that You are Loved. Understand that You encapsulate the Divine. Realise that You are Blessed. Try to Trust. All is well. All will be well”.

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