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Gratitude List day 3/28

  1. The photo above was taken just before or just after the one on the previous post. A dramatic difference . When I am working with a client through transformative coaching, I will only ever give an angel reading at the end. This is because the inner energy work will often make a huge dramatic shift; which it is my great privilege to facilitate; This work has a huge impact on & alters the angel reading. Thank You; Thank You: Thank You for the privilege of my work; especially when it helps bring about positive change.

  2. Yesterday evening (Sat), I went to a party. It was in a modest village hall, but there was a lot of courage & love in the room. It was my privilege to participate. Thank You; Thank You; Thank You. (Particularly to Kim without whose hard work & thoughtfulness it would not have happened.)

  3.  I worked with four friends & clients today. In this work I see many miracles & serendipities; again & again & again. It’s all utterly amazing.  Thank you: Thank You; Thank You for  miracles everyday.

  4. Today I also received many thank you’s from friends & clients. Thank you such a powerful word; Thank you; Thank you; Thank you for the existence of gratitude.

  5. A good friend brought me breakfast @Blackpool Sands this morning. The sea was so beautiful it was almost unworldly; it reminded me of an enchanted mirror in a storybook. Of course the whole point is that it was of this world. Not a storybook! Thank You; Thank You; Thank You for beauty.

  6. & for kind friends who sometimes buy me breakfast! Thank You; Thank You; Thank you.

  7. The nights are getting slightly lighter. Have you noticed? Thank You; Thank You; Thank You; for the privilege of our days.

  8. For the privilege of living with my sons; eating with them, quarrelling with them, talking with them & sharing their days; Thank You; Thank You; Thank You. I know that quite rightly this privilege is time limited For now I am blessed.

  9. I have two vases of flowers in my house at the moment; one brought by Josh & Charice, the other by Alison & Eamonn. They fill me with a feeling of peace & love; As they gently open and gently fade. Thank You Thank You Thank You; of the gift of flowers.

  10.  There has been much laughter in my day to day; I like laughing. Thank you; Thank you; Thank you, for joy.

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