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Half way there; day 14/28 gratitude continued;


This is a useful process but not without pain; I am glad; I would not want to have just been embarking on a spiritual by pass.

  1. I am glad to have enough courage to face my own shadow; this will help me to be more integrated & complete. Thank you; Thank you; Thank you.

  2. I have gratitude when I observe the courage of others; frequently awesome. Thank you: thank you: thank you.

  3. I have gratitude for the holding of others; as I become older I miss those relatives who were ahead of me & have passed; Thank you: thank you: thank you for my family.

  4. I have gratitude for renewal & change; the capacity to forgive & receive forgiveness & not stay stuck in grudges.

  5. Today was a day of sunshine & beauty. Thank you: thank you: thank you.

  6.  I have gratitude for my sons loud singing. It may give me a headache but it is joyous and less intrusive than loud silence;Thank you: thank you: thank you.

  7. I have gratitude & joy for the fact that my book “the Gift of an Angel has been so well received; Thank you; Thankyou; Thank you.

  8. Deep gratitude to Antonetta Fernandes for making a compilation of the reviews. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  9. For Lily the dog; spicing up a beautiful walk by finding something pungent to roll in! Thank you Thank you. Thank you

  10. For the space to just be & think; A privilege I know; Thank you;thank you;thank you

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