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helping your angel along

The thing about angelic advice is that it needs to be taken

There is no use just listening receiving the comfort of the connection and then just carrying along as normal.

Usually the angel just wants to help you get out of your hole. But they also need you to help them — on the material plane and that means taking action.

Well, I am pleased to report that I have lost half a stone in weight-fantastic: thats no wheat no dairy no sugar with a few human lapses.

And I am putting my house in order-clearing the debris of unhealthy relationships clearing out my filing cabinet and listening to my accountant Naomi (for once).

And speaking of Naomi she really is an Angel to me here on earth-thank you Naomi:x

CB to do list for today

  1. If you need to grieve take your time

  2. but then commit to action

  3. honour and acknowledge your pain and then move on

  4. There is much to be done-really you cannot sleep for ever.

Enjoy your day-even if times are turbulent enjoy riding the waves.

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