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Hidden Treasures Inside Boxes

I belong to freecycle-if you don’t then I would check it out. It’s a club with members offering free, unwanted goods or asking for things that are needed. I like it very much because it contains stories. (I have written about some of  these before-see the day the universe showed me that I was a doormat!).

Anyway this story concerns an offer for a car load or two of bric a brac. For some reason-the opportunity to go to a car boot sale and to trade- which lies deeply in my blood I suspect-I accepted it.  This simple act of impulse then involved me in about twenty hours of work, in collecting about thirty boxes of other peoples belongings, putting them in the garden, covering them with tarpaulin, emptying our shed to make room for them, then discovering that we have mice in our shed – ugh.

What did I learn and what was in the boxes? Where did they come from?

Firstly I have no idea where they came from, when I asked the man offering them, his reply was: “Never you mind” and later – by way of explaination “I am a trader”?!!!).   What was in the boxes? Various glimpses of other people’s lives. A bridesmaids dress, lots of CD’s, musical scores, oddly shaped spoons, a scarf, boxes of coasters (unused), various pictures and frames, quite a lot of crockery, numerous other things. In essence enough jumble to run my own jumble sale.

What did I learn? Well, I had several insights. Firstly about projections and projecting: I told various people about the bonzana  and various friends and my son Zack investigated the boxes. We all had a different take-they came from dead people, bankrupt stock, abandoned lock-ups, yuck I can feel the suffering. Perhaps all of these contained an element of truth. But how easy it is to project rather than be curious and simply not know.

Secondly I saw within them lives that were lived. An ability or wish perhaps to play complicated music, books worth reading-Catcher in the Rye and to Kill a Mocking Bird, a Guide to Italy, among others. And I realised again how valuable life is within the Jumble and how it must be treasured.

Thirdly, I saw something about time: and how important it is to seize the day, and really live.

Fourthly: I made a vow that this is the last time that I am going to accept other peoples clutter-I do not need to shift through the debris of other people’s lives-although I am good at it. I think that I have learnt enough lessons about how to clear stuck energy. I wish now for clarity and simplicity, for actuality. For the divine made manifest.  I have decided to live fully in the now and not in a half world of dreams and hope (this does not mean that I will pursue instant gratification and not invest) but it does mean that unless something, or someone actually does show up I will no longer give it or them credence.

Sometimes women and men come into the booth at Watkins for a reading and they are in pain because they are stuck in half relationships, waiting for the people that they love to show up. This can go on for years (trust me I know).

In summery the boxes of bric a brac taught me to be wiser about my life and move on. That although life may be a jumble that there is a beauty and wisdom in it and therefore to appreciate every moment.

Very, very, valuable boxes, full of treasure do you not think?

Enjoy the beauty of the day: with love, Wendy.

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